Above ground pool buying guide

Are you looking to buy your first above ground pool? A swimming pool is a great thing to have but that does not mean you just get out and buy the first thing you see.
There are several factors one needs to consider before making a purchase. Here are the 5 important factors you should consider before buying a pool ( taken from bestabovegroundpools.org)

The Above Ground Pool Size

For an above-ground pool, you first have to determine the available lawn space, the area you are willing to install the swimming pool on. Since pools take up a good amount of space, you have to make sure you have enough space in the first place. You can also consider making an above-ground pool deck, that’s if you wish to have one.
If you are planning to get a 20ft round pool and a deck of 8ft wide around it, you need at least 28ft inside that area. Add some more room there, and you will need a space of at least 32ft square for a 20ft above ground pool.

A level Surface for Pool Installation

If you have a lawn which is not level, then you will need to build up the area for the pool. It is very important that your land is level if you wish to install an above-ground pool. A piece of land that is not level will cause trouble such as an uneven water distribution; one side will have more water as compared to other.
This causes more pressure on one side and that is not healthy for the swimming pool support system, and this can be a serious safety threat.

Proper Pump and Filter System

These components are considered as the heart of the above ground pool. The pump is responsible for water circulation in the pool. This circulation causes the water to move across the filter. Filters clean the water and circulate it back to the pool.
Without this system, the water in your pool will remain stagnant, making it unhygienic and untidy. There are three different types of filters to choose from: Sand filter, Cartridge filter, and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter. Filter usage varies vastly across different part of the country.

Entering Your Pool

You will have to think about the way to enter and exit the above ground pool. As these pools are usually purchased as an add-on item, not many think about all the factors thoroughly and mostly forget about the support items such as a ladder, which helps you enter and exit the pool. A ladder is extremely necessary if you have kids. So the children and their friends can access the pool anytime they want.
Now, there are different models of ladders available in the market. The A-frame pool ladder is the most popular and very common. It will allow you to enter and exit your pool safely and can be easily attached to the deck.


When we discussed the pump and filter system, we saw how they keep your above groundpool water clean. Well, they do their part but you have to do yours. Your part in maintaining the pool is to sanitize your pool properly. Sanitizers kill pathogens, bacteria, prohibit algae formation, and kill all the contaminants which may harm your health.
Most common and effective techniques used to sanitize your pool is by using Chlorine tablets. But there are many other options too. You can even choose to sanitize your pool using salt or mineral packs.